Introduction of Air Shaft :

       The manufacture who supply the series of gold brand products, has many years experience in machineries and transmission parts manufacture, develop and sale. Based on the experience, the manufacture develops and produces high reality of gold brand air shaft.
       The purpose that offer a high efficiency transmission in whole roll material reeling and unreeling operating to user. This purpose can save much time, much labor cost, and fast high accurately operation for user. We also design special size of air shaft for our user.

Features of Air Shaft :

1. Save operation time :
     Release air from air shaft, then you just use only 3 seconds to set this is whole roll material in or dismantle from air shaft, and this is no need to dismantle any parts from shaft.
2. Easy to set core on shaft :
     You only put core at the position which you want to shaft. Then fill air into shaft very easy to set core on shaft.
3. Extra loading capacity :
     The diameter of air shaft is bigger than other shafts, the meterial of air shaft is better than other shafts, so the air shaft can suit extra loading.
4. High economic efficiency :
     Multi-purposes designed of air shaft, that can suit loading many kinds of core.
5. Easy for maintenance, and long life :
     Standard parts to be combined to many kinds of air shaft, that very easy to replace or maintenance, and for the serious, Quality control, less trouble in using our air shaft, that offer a long time using.