Air Pressure Type Edge Detection Device

Summary :

        This detection device uses the difference between airflow pressures as its mode of transmission. It is unlike the usual electronic-eye detection device, which easily produces erroneous detection results due to external light sources and the reflective nature of different material surfaces.
        This detection device not only tests low-density materials such as window screens, metal mesh or medical gauze, but can also be widely applied for use with materials that have differing textures.

Features :


Fully mechanical flow loop design, fixed interval maintenance not necessary.


 Machine body made from polarization treated high strength alloy can withstand any sort of harsh working environment.


It does not come into any contact with the material, and eliminates possibility of detection errors by emitting a light pressure air current to prevent the accumulation of dust.


Compact, lightweight and three-dimensional framework design provide convenience and labor-saving in fixing and adjusting position.

Size of Various Parts of Air Pressure Detection Device

Relation of Installation Position and Speed for Detection Device :


Speed of Detection Device (mm/sec)


Machine Speed (m/min)


Zigzag Distance Per Meter (mm)


Distance Between Detection Device and Target (m)


Allowable Time for Re-Correct (sec)


Required Distance for Re-Correct (mm)

T = L/V x 60
Q = d x L
L = V1/60 x d/Vf