Operation Principle of Automatic Edge Position Control System

         A.Jin's automatic edge position control system uses air oil pressure connection control system and by using air pressure cross-flow method to create pressure gradient ratio at the material's edge. It then transmits the signal to the detection chamber, in which is the air source system, which differentiates between the positive or negative ratio value and decides oil dispensation speed and quantity on both the left and right sides.
        This system is the only one of its kind on the market at the moment, which does not contact the surface directly and is a non-contacting power system.
This system only requires an external source of electricity for its movement. It does not need an external source of air pressure and oil pressure movement as it can supply its own.
        The above-described system detects biased ratios and immediately proceeds to dispense the oil.
        When one of the oil dispensing sites proceeds to dispense oil, the other one automatically transforms into oil re-uptake loop, thus causing the pressure shaft in the oil pressure cylinder to move.
        If the oil pressure cylinder/shaft system is installed on the machine during the pre-, during and post- stages of the material's procession through it, this system's position matching ratio detection and the most effective drive correction can totally prevent the zigzag motion of materials on the production line.