Advantages of automatic edge position control system : 


All movement of material made by uneven speed, pulling stress, material thickness or mechanical damage can be adjusted to the original position by this system.


Originally reserved material edge can be thus reduced to the minimum to save width of material to be added and reduce cost in material acquisition.


Due to elevation of speed and the increased production, personnel for watching material can be eliminated time and money spent on adjustment of material deviation can also be eliminated so as to reduce your production cost. 


Makes you finished product edge smooth and the middle processing elevated of quality, additional value of finished product material increased with much appraisal of down stream customers.

Dual-Wheel Angle Rectification Base
Dual-Wheel Side-Slide Guide Base

P05-E1-AC  Automatic / Re-Centering Type
Automatic Type

P05-E1-AMC Automatic / Manual / Re-Centering Type
P05-E1-AM  Automatic / Manual Type