A.JIN'S, Leader Of Slitter, Edge Position Control & Air Shaft.

       A.JIN'S has been involved in the development and manufacture of various shafts, edge position control systems, slitting machines and tape-processing machines for more than 10 years.  We are always insisting on manufacturing high quality products. While our main materials are imported from Japan, our machines are manufactured under strict supervision of our professionals.  It has been taken for granted by this field for many years so that A.JIN’S is deemed to be the leader of this industry.

        Many products imitating our brand have been discovered for the past few years.  Some of these imitated are good and some are bad.  Due to keen competition in this market, they have to lower down their selling prices by using cheap and inferior quality materials.  Moreover, they also release their materials to immature household sub-contractors to manufacture so as to reduce their manpower cost.  As a result, many problems about after sales service and product maintenance follow.

        Machine is an integral product collaborated by many people and is also a forever business.  Therefore, you must avoid your product and your business reputation to be ruined by those products, which use inferior accessories and similar appearance.

       Due to above statements, A.JIN’S decisively set up its Business & Technical Department in June 2000 instead of adopting its previous Japanese management style by dividing manufacture and sales in order to prevent purposely raising up selling price and imitating A.JIN’S products by our inferior dealers.  Also, we directly face our customers to provide our services.

       In addition to confirm correct diagram size for you by our professional technicians, our professionals who have more than 10 years of on-site experience will give you various instructions for trouble-shooting.  Furthermore, our Business & Technical Department will provide the following services for you:
1.  Inquiry, offering and order of all products of
2.  Relevant technical problems and after sales service of all products of 
3.  Supply of various electrical machinery control consultation. 

A.JIN’S has professional electrical engineers.  They have experience 
       in design of various industrial machinery system, such as slitting, 
       compound rolling, slicing, roll-cutting, sealing, bag-making, winding, 
       folding and sealing, etc. 

They have practical design experience in systems of positioning, 
       rotating, tension control, etc. 

Technical consultation on application of various controllers (   
       Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Omron, PLC module, inverter, various robots, 
       tension control, etc.)

Price inquiry of various controllers 
4.  Design & Integration of Control System: 

       A.JIN’S highly appreciates strong support from this field for a long time.  We will make our best efforts in providing more perfect services.  We believe you will doubtlessly become one of our long-term customers in the nearest future.



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